Sunday, 3 September 2017

Watching television makes us clever -by Marc

Learning.Intention-We are learning to write a persuasive writing.
Success.Criteria:I am successful when I can persuade people to agree to my writing.

I think watching television doesn't make you clever.

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Watching television will make you dumb because the people you watch might be crazy.Television can make your eyes hurt and blury. You could get blind!

Watching violent movies are really bad for children because they could follow the violence. Some movies are scary that the children could get night mares so they can't sleep.Children might like television too much they will get addicted, they will not go to school because they are tired. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Should people cut down trees?- by Marc

Learning.Intention-We are learning how to write a persuasive writing.
Success.Criteria: I am successful when I can persuade people to agree to my argument.

I think people should not cut down trees.

Image result for Tree pictureTrees are very special because they are God's creation.Trees gave us oxygen to breathe. Smart people can make medicine from trees for the sick people. People can get honey from the bees honeycomb that hangs on the branches of trees.

Some fresh healthy fruits can be picked up in some trees.Animals and insects live on trees like bees,wasps, birds and squirrels.
The roots of the trees protect small fishes from being eaten by big fish.Trees are fun to climb on.

Trees are amazing and  helpful plants.